Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm Back!

Hello my little friends,

I'm back. You've probably noticed that I've been gone for the last week. Well, we went to Tucson (AZ), San Diego (CA) and the Baja. It was awesome and I had the chance to shoot some nice photos. Like this one of the beach in San Diego on the left.
The donkey on the right (in Tijuana, Mex.) looks funny on first sight, but if you consider that the poor thing (I think her name was Monica. Strange name for a donkey, don't you think?) has to stand in the heat the whole day, it's kinda sad. Tourists can take picture with Monica for a few bucks. I still wonder what poor Monica's "master" was thinking when he painted stripes on her coat. Odd. She looks like a zebra with racing stripes...

Anyways, I'm glad to be back because with all the food we ate on the road... I guess, I gained four pounds. Although, the stuff we ate in Mexico was really yummy. We had cactus salad! Try it, it's really great.

Have a nice day!


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